Izhar Patkin: Studio Visit

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Posted: 10/24/10
Duration: 7:10
Producer: Robert Knafo
Views: 21765

Izhar Patkin's work defies ready characterization, taking diverse forms from installation and painting to sculpture, but it consistently stems from some key aspect of a life lived across cultures, whether it be his first encounter with America (he was born in Israel and moved to NY in 1979), his discovery of Chinatown funeral practices, or his close friendship with the now-deceased Kashmiri poet Agha Shahid Ali, whose work inspired Patkin in 1999 to launch an ongoing and monumental project of room-sized installations titled Veiled Threats.
On the death of his dealer and friend Holly Solomon in 2002, Patkin stopped exhibiting, all the while continuing to make typically ambitious work in his vast East Village studio. A retrospective of his work will be presented at the Tel Aviv Museum in 2011.

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