Idaho Public Storage

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Posted: 03/17/12
Duration: 10:00
Producer: Cindy Tower
Views: 27000

Cindy Tower writes the latest chapter in her great adventures in plein-air painting.

"This movie explains why an environmentally aware New York artist would travel thousands of miles to paint a 750,000-acre lava flow in Idaho. The answer is in the landscape itself.

I made this film to focus on rarely-discussed art world topics. Having recently lost my art storage of 30 years, I wanted to take on the mid-career dilemma of having spent a lifetime creating art objects and having neither gallery or home. In 2011, I put everything into public storage in order to finance this painting trip. The film documents my practice of on-site painting with a conceptual bent. Issues of sustainability and relational aesthetics are also raised.

My process has always been rooted in community. In making this film I often handed my camera over to strangers to shoot. It was not until I returned to a city with an Apple store that I realized there was enough material for a movie. I learned to edit and made the entire movie at the store. It is important for the viewer to know that this film was a spontaneous group effort and that the documented events are also collaborative."

--Cindy Tower, March 2012

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