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Izzy Abrahami

Posted Dec 16th 2008 01:46

Hi Dove,

Hope you remember me. You still look your own beautiful self and still do beautiful Art.

How are you personally. I think about you quite ofen as I write my memoir. But only the good memories.

For the last 20 years I do documentary films for TV together with my partner Erga Netz (Ms) and still I'm going pretty strong. My website where you could see all the prizes and some of the films is:

Please, write a few words.



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Posted: 07/24/08
Duration: 8:48
Producer: NewArtTV
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In 1975 Dove Bradshaw put a wall label with the title "Performance" next to one of the encased fire hoses at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When the label would inevitably be removed, she replaced it with a new one. "Performance" was a clever new twist on the Duchampian ready-made. With the passage of years the Met decided that it had a bona fide artwork on its hands, and left the label untouched; in 2006, it acquired “Performance” - its own fire hose, together with Bradshaw's label - for its permanent collection.

Interested in bringing awareness to things that are innocuously present, Bradshaw turned her attention to framing and capturing various natural and chemical processes: the effect of water on stone and salt, of copper oxidation on marble, of heat on acetone. In part 1 of a two-part profile, NewArtTV visits Bradshaw at her studio, where she offers an overview of her work. In part 2 Bradshaw talks about the influence of her long-time companion William Anastasi, and she installs and celebrates her solo show at Björn Ressle Gallery in New York in April 2007, where she exhibited new silver oxide paintings and a selection of sculptures.

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