Ashley Bickerton

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Posted Feb 9th 2009 08:56

A dream come true! Amazing images!

bohemian artist

Posted Jan 2nd 2009 07:29

Ashley, in my mind i have been visualizing just this sort of art and i have been investigating how to build the frames. very, very bohemian.

This is perhaps the most cutting edge art i have ever seen.
I would like to congratulate you on these amazing works. The true mark of a successful artist is to do something new and this really is. Your artwork is the most beautiful and original i have ever seen. I wish you the most success but i know you already are the new great artist on the scene. I think you and your art will go down in history and you will be auctioned off at Christies.



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Posted: 05/09/08
Duration: 7:14
Producer: NewArtTV
Views: 15919

"I wanted to ride that precise edge between desire and repulsion," says Ashley Bickerton about a series of new paintings that are equal parts sexy tropical fantasy and zombie horror show. A former New York bad-boy artist, Bickerton moved to Bali in the mid-90's. At an exhibition at his New York gallery Bickerton talks about the evolution of his work and the complicated interplay of life and art.

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